Open new lines of communication with your children through texting. It’s a great way to jump into their “world” and check in, show you care, and remind them to avoid alcohol. 56% of teens age 13 to 19 said they communicate more often with their parents since they began text messaging. - Mobile Marketer 4.17.2008

Step 1: Fill Out "To" and "From"

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Step 2: Choose a Message

  • Just thinking about you. You’re a great kid. Lots of love. Hey, what’s up? Give me a call when you get a minute. Just a reminder not to drink. Have fun, but don’t drink. Look who’s text messaging! Just wanted to say hi. I love you. Just a quick reminder to make good decisions today. I love you. Remember, I expect you to stay away from alcohol. I love you too much to see you get hurt. Just wanted to say I love you and that you’re special to me. I’m sure glad you’re my kid! I love you. Hi! Where are you? Let me know. Thanks. Remember to value your brain and who you’re becoming. No drinking. I love you. REMEMBER: Our no drinking rule will keep you both safe and happy. We’re having a great dinner tonight. So please be home on time. FACT: Underage drinking causes brain damage. FACT: We all love your brain as it is.

Step 3: Send Your Message

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