“…it has become clear, that during adolescence…the brain is highly plastic and shaped by experience…Alcohol appears to interfere with the changes in circuitry that occur during learning.” –Dr. Aaron White, Duke University. Keep up to date with local and nationwide coverage of the underage drinking epidemic.

  • “Idaho Drug Free Youth” members address underage drinking

    Feb 15, 2013 | Rachel Dubrovin

    MOSCOW, ID - "Idaho Drug Free Youth" has been focusing their attention to the Palouse over the last couple of weeks.

    Their topic is the dangers of underage drinking. On Tuesday night, Moscow parents attended a presentation about how many Idaho teens are drinking, and why they do it. Teens from Deary High School, whom are members of "Idaho Drug Free Youth" gave advice to parents on how to talk to their teens about underage drinking.

    "Don't ever use the words 'stop,' or 'no,' or 'don't do that,' or 'I forbade you, or forbid you,' said senior Jacob Towne. "That never works because that just want to do it even more."

    "Communication is definitely key," said senior Katrina Caffrey. "The more you communicate with your kids, the more they're going to be aware of certain situations and the better they will be prepared for those situations."

    Parents voiced concerns about the effectiveness of alcohol commercials and how easily high school kids can be pressured into drinking. According to Idaho Drug Free Youth, half of Idaho's eighth graders have consumed an alcoholic beverage, and 30% of the state's high school seniors binge drink. For video:

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